Team Canada Oita: Japan Training Camp

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Select members of Renbu Dojo were involved in the 2018 Team Canada Training Camp in Oita, Japan

Dean Ara: Head Coach, Team Canada
Daisaku Taguchi: Assistant Coach, Team Canada
Eiji Kita: Player, Team Canada


Iwamoto-Sensei: Head Sensei Beppu University, Meiho High School, Komyoukan Dojo
Kugimiya-Sensei: Komyoukan Dojo

Guests Senseis
Kasatani-Sensei: Head of Oita Police
Kawakami-Sensei: Asst Head Sensei Kokushikan University

Daily Report

  • Feb 17th – Toronto group/Vancouver group depart for Haneda on separate flights
  • Feb 18th – Both groups arrive at Haneda in the evening. Stay overnight near the airport
  • Feb 19th – Arrive into Oita in the late morning. Met by the hosts at the airport. 1.5 hr drive back to the city. Arrangements have been made for the women to the home. The men sleep in the dojo (Komyoukan Dojo). Late practice at Komyoukan Dojo with Oita Police, High School, Oita guests and Dojo members. Dinner hosted by Kugimiya-Sensei
  • Feb 20th – Start of “Kan Geiko” (early morning practice) at Beppu University with university and high school members. Players up at 5:00 am. Practice started at 6:50 ending at 8:30. Early afternoon practice with Beppu University. Mostly shiai geiko. Evening welcome party hosted by Beppu University
  • Feb 21st – Kan Geiko, late morning shiai with Oita police members, afternoon training session with Kawakami-Sensei
  • Feb 22nd – Kan Geiko, afternoon keiko led by Kasatani-Sensei, late afternoon keiko with Beppu University led by Asst Head Sensei Abe-Sensei
  • Feb 23rd – Kan Geiko, late morning keiko, 3 hr drive (one way) to bogu mfg shop in Miyazaki Prefecture, an evening party hosted by Komyoukan Parents and dojo supporters
  • Feb 24th – Kan Geiko, late morning keiko. Evening keiko at Komyoukan Dojo with Oita Police, high school, Oita guests and Dojo members
  • Feb 25th – Final Kan Geiko, Tour of Yufuin Shopping District, mud onsen and karaoke party
  • Feb 26th – Depart for home. Hosts drive us to airport

Personal Overview

Komyokan Dojo – Where the men stayed and practices with the high school, university and police athletes.









Team Canada Coaching Staff

Left to right

Daisaku Taguchi (Renbu Dojo)
Ray Murao (Steveston Dojo)
Dean Ara (Renbu Dojo)
Eddy Yamashita (Etibicoke Dojo)


Eiji Kita with Mizuno, Captain of the Beppu University Team


Kids Practice at Komyokan Dojo


Kids getting ready to go home

Oita TV

Dean Ara, being interviewed by Oita TV and press


Practice at Beppu University


Dinner hosted by the supporters and members of Komyoukan Dojo


Speech by Daisaku Taguchi

Speech by Eiji Kita

Speech by Dean Ara

Meeting with the Executive Director of the Oita Kendo Federation, Shoichi Abe Hanshi 8 Dan

Team Canada Women’s Team receiving coaching from the head sensei of Beppu University, Takamitsu Iwamoto

Welcome party held by Beppu University

Newspaper article in the Oita Godo Newspaper about Team Canada’s training camp.

It stemmed from friendship: Dean Ara and Takamitsu Iwamoto were high school friends at PL Gakuen in Osaka Kendo. And from there, Ara asked if the Team Canada could join the training camp with the university students.


Visit to All Japan Budogu

Kendo Bogu Manufacturer in Miyazaki prefecture

One of two manufacturers in Japan left who are OEM

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