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2023 Canadian National Championships

To all Renbu Dojo,

The 2023 Canadian National Championships are now over and the enormity of our collective achievement is finally beginning to sink in. I am so proud of our athletes — the work they put it, the teamwork, the perseverance.

I am so thankful for our supporters, our parents, our non-competing members, our senior instructors.

I am so thankful of our travelling parents, who drove us around, who cooked for us, who clapped so hard and cheered for us.

Our athletes even in their victories were eternally gracious, respectful and warm to all their fellow competitors across the country, now many of whom they call “friends”. I am very proud first and foremost of their manners, etiquette and humbleness.

There are so many wonderful and amazing memories.

Day 1

(21st Senior Championship)

Men’s Individual Top 8

Eiji Kita

Women’s Individual

A clean sweep of this category.

Senior Club Team

Champions Kita, Yano, Liao, Yoshimura, Homma, Park, Espiritu, Kurahashi

Women’s Club Team

Champions Paik, Park, Tominaga, Lee, Kawabe

Senior Women’s Provincials Team

Champions Team BC – Tominaga, Lee

Day 1 ended with Eiji Kita as taisho, securing a 2-0 victory that earned Renbu Dojo our first ever National Championship club win. The teamwork was the glue.

Day 2

(2nd Annual Junior Championships)


Champion Regina Liao
Soshi Ara


Harumi Ara


Champion Nathaniel Son

U19 Boys

Champion Clark Liao
Kenta Yoshimura
Hugo Homma

U19 Girls

Champion Yuka Lee
Juah Paik

Junior Youth Teams

Champions R Liao, S Ara, H Ara

Senior Girls Team

Paik, Lee

Senior Boys Team

Champions Team B – Hwang, N Son, Liao
Team A – Yoshimura, I Son, Kazma, Homma

Senior Boy’s Provincials Team

Champions Team BC – N Son, Ke Yoshimura, I Son, H Homma, Kazma

Day 2 and the entire tournament ended with Team BC vs Team Ontario in a sudden death one point match. Nate Son was called out for Team BC in a winner take-all situation. What can only be described as “glorious”, Nate struck one of the most beautiful men strikes I have ever seen in that situation, flying from one end of the court to the other, with the entire crowd holding their breath during this last main event, helping Team BC win the Provincial Championship.

In all, in the categories in which we competed, Renbu Dojo earned Championships in 11 of the 14 events. A truly remarkable achievement which is a reflection of the collective efforts our students, parents, and supporters.

Onwards we shall keep training!